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Underwater pool leak repair

Expert leak repair services for residential and commercial pools of all sizes

Does you pool have a structural leak issue? We will take care of it! Depending on the size, severity, location, and complexity of the leak, our professionals will figure out efficient means to repair the leak. You can count on our 25 years of expertise for a quick and hassle-free repair service. Contact Pool Leak Detection in Reading.

Benefits of timely leak repair

Affordable pool leak repairs

•  Helps to efficiently use the supplied water and to reduce water bills

•  Considerable reduction of heating bills

•  Ensures efficient use of pool chemicals

•  Protects the property from dampness and structural damage

Don't ignore the leak issues to save money as our prices are most probably lesser than the excess water cost. Not to mention, the cost of structural damage due to unmonitored water flow. You don't have to wait for summer to repair your pool as we are perfectly happy working in any weather. You won't even have to heat up the water as we have trained divers with necessary outfits and equipment.


Save yourself time and money and contact Pool Leak Detection professionals today. We serve Reading, Newbury, Ascot, Windsor and Maidenhead areas of Berkshire. We also serve Thames Valley, South West London and Surrey.

Fixes for all pool leaks

We use state-of-the-art equipment and methodology for pool leak repairs and maintenance.

Get experts to repair the pool. Call us today on

0118 943 2166.

We work all year round!